Saturday, March 5, 2016

House Hunters ~ There's No Such Thing As The Perfect House

The struggle is real y'all.
Since my last post our house in NJ has gone under contract (thank you Lord!) but unfortunately the house I really liked and posted about here also went under contract. To someone else.
Back to the drawing board for us.
Now that our house has a closing date the clock is ticking because an 18 wheeler loaded with all of our earthly possessions will be headed out this way very soon and there have been no other prospects on the horizon. I'm starting to panic. Just as I was having a breakdown the other morning I logged onto and saw this adorable cape had just popped on the market. My eyes welled with tears because surely this was it! This is the one. Capes are my favorite and what could be more serendipitous than selling a little red cape I have loved and adored and finding a charming white one?
Sitting on just over 2 acres, the exterior had me at hello. Then I saw the interior pictures.

It's perfect. And this kitchen.
This kitchen!
I dream about kitchens that look like this. Dream about them when I am awake, asleep, and supposed to be focused on other things. I am obsessed with kitchens and this one is everything.
I emailed my agent the link at 6:30 am (because obviously texting at that hour would be rude and she's such a sweet Southern lady) and she was able to get us in to see it later that afternoon.

And it would be the perfect house.
That kitchen is just as amazing in person as you would expect it to be. The late afternoon light was dreamy. The lot was perfect. It reminded us of our house in NJ only with my dream kitchen. It felt so cozy and comfortable. This is the kind of home I picture us in.
The traffic getting to and from this house is a nightmare. So bad in fact that it seems that people use the street as a cut through. I had to let 4 cars zip pass before I could back out of the driveway. We moved here to avoid things like that. It is out of our target county school district so that means we will have to pay for private school for my daughter and this house is already priced at the top of our budget. Ouch. As we drove away I knew I could not compromise those two things for the most charming cape and Pinterest worthy kitchen I have seen yet. And frankly, that sucks.
This kitchen. Those windows. This one will forever haunt me.
And so we press on.....

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  1. you are smart to pass eleanor. you can always change a kitchen but you can't change location. don't let it haunt you, the house that best suits you is still waiting for you to find it. i know it's stressful with all the moving but it'll all work out just as it is supposed to. i sound like i know what i'm talking about and i really don't except the part about location, it's everything! xo