Wednesday, April 13, 2016


Every one of us has aspirations of who and what we want to be. What we have a vision for. Where we want to end up as our life evolves. How we want to live. I pick up a new cookbook because I aspire to recreate the mouthwatering recipes depicted inside. Or a new novel because I envision being able to slow it all down and savor a good story. I pick up a set of pretty vintage dishes because I see myself using it for a gathering with family or friends. I am such a visual person that I can usually envision in a moments time how, where or when I will utilize an object.
 With my love for all things vintage on the table, I naturally aspire to be one of those people who can use vintage for everything and make it look relevant and almost modern in it's usage. I personally feel like there is a fine line when using vintage items. And a definitive line in the sand between kitsch and cool. Sometimes using 100% vintage looks like, well, like you used 100% vintage.

To strike the balance and make vintage work in a flawless manner is easier said than done. I find more success doing in this in decorating the house than on the tabletop. If I try to use too many vintage pieces on the table I am usually never happy with the outcome. A blend of old and new is usually the winning combination for me. A vintage salad plate atop a newer dinner plate or vintage linens and glassware alongside stunning new dishes.

For this spring table, I went in reverse of what I usually do. I used newer navy blue linen napkins from Anthropologie (I bought these on sale in almost every color they came in. They wash beautifully and I just love linen) and vintage everything else. European floral plates, a delicate table runner, a gorgeous ruffled edge platter, an old transferware serving bowl and green Wedgwood wine glasses. The combination of pink, white, navy and green made for a vintage win in my eyes.

How do you like to use vintage on your table?

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  1. Love it!

    I don't have enough vintage tableware to have this problem... yet. :) I think I'll just be happy when I can sit out our formal dining table without a high chair and plastic plates for the kids. This season of life is fun, but it's not very fancy or pretty!