Friday, April 29, 2016

Country Living Fair ~ Nashville

Can we discuss something for a second?
How is it that I spent my entire life living less than an hour outside of NYC then move to Nashville, TN and suddenly have more at my fingertips to do then I ever did in NJ? There is always something really great going on here. For instance, last weekend the Country Living Fair came to Nashville and downtown Franklin held their Main Street Festival. So much to do and only two days off to squeeze it all in. What's a girl to do?
Naturally, she goes to the Country Living Fair. It's something I have always wanted to do but with the fairs taking place in Rhinebeck, NY and Stone Mountain, GA the chances that that was ever happening were slim to none. When I realized it was coming back to Nashville for the 2nd year I ordered tickets right away.

It did not disappoint.
It was extremely busy and HUGE. After an entire day of wandering around I still cannot be sure that I got to pass by every single booth. I was so twisted around by the end I wasn't even sure which way was out and where we were parked. And I was sober. Scary. Thank goodness for my daughter who navigated us back to the car even after my friend and I made her take our picture posing with a cow statue. She was mortified and probably would have left me there lost in the crowd but her feet hurt so badly that it made her want to cry. I wanted to cry too lugging back my treasures. The flow blue casserole dish and pair of matching (large) ironstone platters I bought seemed like a good idea at the time but they were WAY too heavy on that long trek back to the car. But flow blue and ironstone. Need I say more? 


  1. Ummmm you forgot that the CL fair is in Columbus twice a year. I'm trying to get my mom to sell pillows/napkins/bedding there. A booth is like $900 but my sister and I are going to tell her it's less and hope she'll do it. Of course she works kinda slow so it might be the CL fair 2030. So glad you enjoyed yourself and it's always worth lugging good stuff. I've been on a flow blue kick this week and have had incredible luck. Like 25 plates for $25. You know, just gearing up for Thanksgiving.

    1. Wait. WHAT?!?! 25 FLOW BLUE plates for $25.00?!?!?! I am pea green with envy!
      I am on a big Limoges kick right now. I keep finding the random one off plate and the patterns are just so good. It is hard to believe some of them are well over 100 years old because I think they are so relevant to right now. I keep buying these one offs because I am hoping to put together a fantastic mix match set.
      And yes, you are right. I totally forgot about Columbus. I think that is where it originated too, isn't it? My sister in law has an Etsy shop and looked into the cost of having a booth there and she had total sticker shock. That's a lot of selling that needs to happen to recoup costs. However, what I've seen of your mom's work ~ if anyone could make it happen, she could! Those tablecloths are amazing. I really need to commission her to make my dream one. I have already gathered most of the materials it needs. Can we convince her?

  2. PS I almost bought that marble bowl with the birds on the side for $25 a few years ago and I'm having some regret.

    1. Ugh. Buyers regret is always worse than buyers remorse.
      I saw an amazing picnic basket there and the price was great but it was one of the first booths I was in so I figured I would wait and circle back. By the end I couldn't remember for the life of me where in the hell that booth even was which was quite sad because that basket was really great. However, I have no intentions of going on a picnic anytime soon so it was probably better that I couldn't remember anyway. ;)