Thursday, April 21, 2016

Inspired By: We Took To The Woods

Every once in a while I stumble across an Instagram account that stops me dead in my tracks.
Thus was the case with @wetooktothewoods, a company based in Greenville, SC. With a retail store that strikes an unparalleled chord in me and an Instagram account that leaves me begging for more, I find their style to be an impeccable blend of the well worn and timeless. Perfectly curated collections.
Known for their candles, their retail store and online shop play host to a bevy of other makers and brands proving everything that is right with shopping small business. They change the design/decor of the shop seasonally: Fall/Winter and Spring/Summer; closing for a few days during the transformation and reopening to a fresh, new palette. I feel like I could move right into their shop and live there happily ever after.
You can find them online here or in person:
We Took To The Woods
106 E Stone Ave
Greenville, SC 29609

*all photos belong to We Took To The Woods


  1. I'll be in Charlotte for a few days next month and Greenville isn't too far...
    Though if I do stop in I might need to ask them to change the name since We Took to the Woods belongs to Maine and only Maine. :) Love that book. What a lovely name for their vibe though.

    1. We Took to the Woods is such an A~mazing book. I bought an old vintage copy on Etsy a few years ago. A truly treasured possession ~ especially since Maine is so close to my heart.
      My husband and I took our first vacation together as a couple to Maine and eloped a year later on a cliff at sunset in Acadia Park. We always thought we would end up living there someday ~ who knew a farm in Tennessee would be it?