Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Practically A Minimalist

When I first arrived in Tennessee, I moved right into a fully furnished corporate apartment which was to be my home for 30 days. Thirty turned to sixty, sixty turned to ninety and just as we were heading towards one hundred and twenty days I was politely told that clearly my house was never going to sell and I would have to figure out my own housing arrangements. Truthfully, they didn't quite say it exactly like that. However, I am sure that they; like myself, had started to worry that I would have to live in corporate housing forever and ever and ever and ever...well, you get the idea.
I rented an unfurnished apartment in the same complex and the kids and I moved in the first week of February. We each have our own airbed and camp chair. I made a quick trip home that first weekend after we moved in and brought back a TV, the DVD player and a small bookshelf to put them both on. A week or two later and I broke down and bought a small card table and a folding chair because sitting on the floor while working on my laptop was making me crazy.
And that's how we live.
We are practically minimalists!
 Indoor campers!
 Oh, wait ~ I forgot that my son popped his airbed a couple weeks in so now he sleeps on top of the deflated airbed in a sleeping bag. So there's that. Classy.
It really bothered me in the beginning that we are living like this but then I started getting used to it and I didn't mind so much. Until I got sick with a viral/cold/flu thing a few weeks ago and all I wanted was.a.friggin.couch.to.lay.on.and.watch.TV.
Let it be known that I will never, ever take a sofa for granted again.
But while we live so Spartan~like and simply with truly just the bare necessities of comfort, my vintage hoard has grown exponentially. How does that happen? While comfortable furniture is at a premium in this joint, you have a varied selection of fine china, glassware, serving dishes, flatware etc. In fact, I had to go buy a metal shelving unit to store it all on so I can continue to list merchandise in the shop. I even found a full size white iron bed frame in a thrift shop in Sylvan Park that is currently leaning against a wall in the living room. It was only $34.00. I couldn't resist. Too bad it didn't come with a mattress.
It's all about priorities.
Thanks to Stephen Andrew for inspiring me to write this post. He referred to himself as "practically a minimalist" (not even close) over on Janet's blog and made me laugh and laugh and laugh. I'm still laughing even as I type.
There is nothing quite like being inspired by the wit of others.


  1. Please update this with a million more photos of the hoard! I want to see that deep inky flo blue. I also want to see the collection of gold rimmed plates. I've been trying to beef up my white with gold rim. I used to have a big set and got bored with it and now I want it back! So classic.
    So so exciting about your house!
    It's great how now that the economy is better that thrift stores are filled with better stuff at lower prices and less competition.

    1. I was so scared that the thrift stores here would not be as magical as the NJ ones I have been going to forever. We had so many senior citizen communities in our county in Jersey that the thrifts are literal TREASURE TROVES of anything to do with entertaining. It was the only upside to being stuck driving behind them on the highways. I would actually calm my road rage by focusing more on what kind of china and glassware they probably had tucked away at home and how quickly it might make it to a thrift store.
      I kid, I kid.
      Well, sort of. ;)

    2. Oh, and the flow blue stuff? Not being sold anytime soon. They make me all heart eyed. The white and gold trim china is all German and absolutely stunning. I think I have a service for 15 of it! I have some things up my sleeve with that set and a few others that I will be talking about soon.