Monday, May 9, 2016


The spring season is a busy one in the world of women's apparel retail. Easter generally flows right into Mother's Day and the build to Mother's Day is considered to be the "Black Friday" of the season. Needless to say, I was not really excited about working my second Saturday in a row, especially since this busy period has meant that Charlie and I have only had 2 days off together since he arrived in Nashville on April 16th. It's feels like a big fat tease: he's finally here but I just work all the time.  Let's not even discuss the fact that my job now encompasses 4 states and I spent the middle part of the week on another whirlwind trip to the OKC.
Anyway, at some point during the day on Saturday a woman that works for me casually mentioned that someone had dumped two puppies in her yard about a week ago. She was doing her due diligence to see if she could find their rightful owner to no avail. Her neighbor agreed to take the boy puppy but she was yet to find a home for the girl and was not going to be able to keep her permanently.
I asked her to show me pictures of the dog and mentioned that we had been discussing getting a 3rd dog since we will have so much land. I prattled on about needing a bigger, more serious dog for the property than our two spoiled "city" dogs and how I love labs and blah, blah, blah. 
Then she held up her phone and showed me this face:

I mean, really.....
I sent some pics to my husband and before I knew it, my daughter was texting me begging me to take the dog. They had already sent pictures to my son who is currently in South Carolina and now he was begging for her too via long distance. Being the sucker I am, we met up with her and the puppy later that evening to see if we thought she would be a fit for our family.

 By the way, have you ever seen a shopping center with a park/green space smack in the middle of it? No, me either until I moved out here. God bless Nashville.

She stole our hearts.
We know we are totally crazy taking on a puppy at the same time we are trying to move and be settled in our new home. We are going from a 2 dog family to a 3 dog, 2 cat (we are keeping the property's current barn cats) family with 4 hens on the way in a matter of a two weeks. Insane.
But the reality is, there is never an optimal time to take on a puppy, this little girl needs a home and I may just be certifiably crazy. 
So without further ado, I'd like to introduce Frankie. My daughter came up with the name and given our love for our new hometown Franklin I thought it was quite apropos. I am sure I will be complaining about the shedding but that face tells me it will all be worth it.


  1. Awwwww! So sweet!!! She's adorable. And I love her name. cant wait to see the hens! You should get ducks too! Duck eggs are the besssst for baking.

    1. She is isn't she? We have had to delay taking her one extra day because the movers here have turned out to be an utter nightmare. They delivered a "partial" load and I have already counted 3 broken pieces of furniture. I am about to open a serious can of whoop ass down here.
      Hopefully that sweet face will calm the savage beast that is about to emerge....

  2. i think the timing is perfect! she needed a home.:) you are so kind to take on a new puppy at this stressful time in your life but how could you resist that face?!! yes, get some ducks! lol, you don't have enough to do. xo

    1. In time I would bet money that this turns into a full blown hobby farm! Ducks can be mean though, can't they?Or maybe that is geese. I remember being attacked by one or the other on a girl scout field trip when I was small. Traumatizing!

    2. Geese are known to be very mean! Haha I've always been obsessed with animals so when I was little I was bitten by Canada geese all the time. But often at farms there are Pomeranian geese which look s bit more like ducks and they are incredibly territorial and mean. I've been bitten by a few of those too.