Thursday, June 30, 2016

Pop ~ Up Market!

It all started with the lamps I found at Goodwill. Gaudy enough to be completely fabulous, they were the launching point for my booth.  I instantly envisioned a bar/buffet table with these two lamps anchoring the ends. All I would need to do was find the perfect shades that would take the glam down a notch and make them feel current and right now.

A week or two later I found this amazing oil painting and fell head over heels with everything about it. My love for old oil paintings runs deep but the pink and white dress, the gold frame ~ she was a perfect match for my lamps. I knew then that my core color theme would be pink, white, gold and black. Black because I found the most amazing black drum shades for those lamps on clearance at Pottery Barn.

Even though I started planning and acquiring the pieces for my space over the winter, I could only do so much living in a tiny apartment. Then we were moving out of the house in NJ, closing on the house here in TN, cleaning, painting, unpacking and while I could see my set up clearly in my mind, time was no longer on my side in bringing it to fruition. In fact, time was running out quickly and I felt unprepared and ill equipped and worried I had made a big mistake committing to doing this in the first place. It was uncanny that while I secured my space back in December of 2015, that it would coincide with finally moving into our home 6 months later. What are the chances?
The week after the movers came I had to fly back East for a meeting which meant another week of getting nothing prepared. Long story short, I found out while I was there that I would also need to spend the entire week prior to the market in Memphis for work obligations. I about near lost my mind.
I debated pulling out of the market ~ I am not one to do things half assed but I stood to lose a ton of money as well as the opportunity to ever do one of these again if I left them with an empty space last minute. I waivered back and forth for days on what to do but ultimately decided to go for it. Half assed or not. Nothing great every came easy anyway, has it?
God always has a way to work things out even when they seem most impossible. This little farm here in my favorite town in America is proof enough. And he always gives beauty for ashes. 
You know how I know this?
That mess the former owners left us in the barn had piles of old barn wood in it. Fabulous old barn wood that Charlie used to make me an amazing sawhorse table. It came out so good in fact that I put it in my home office/studio space for photographing merchandise for the shop. (There was also an amazing giant, antique porcelain kitchen sink out there too that is going to be reused in a magnificent way, but that is a whole other story for another time) Some lady at the market even inquired if it was for sale! 
The most beautiful thing of all though was when I walked into Liberty Hall at the Factory and saw my space was that it was up against a brick wall. I nearly cried with joy. It gave me a place to hang the little gallery wall I envisioned and the best part was that there were pre~drilled holes in the wall. I just slid little screws in them and viola! My gallery was complete.
God is so good y'all.
The market was a big success for me, I met some amazing people and since then the online shop has been really busy with tons of hits and people saving it to their Etsy favorites. Whether it is related, I don't know but I couldn't have asked for more. Some lady even came back as the market closed out and bought all the fabric I used to create my "dining table". Unbelievable!

I haven't committed to the October market yet; I am still deciding only because it is so close to the craziest time of year at work for me. But who knows? Thoughts of a fall/winter theme are already racing through my mind....


  1. Congrats! It looks fabulous! You have a great eye.

  2. Congratulations! Oh I'm so disappointed I couldn't make it! It looks wonderful! I've been keeping my eyes out for things in your colors but didn't have much luck (of course) finding things low enough to make sense with shipping. What are the dates for the October show? October is either dead or crazy busy for me so if I can come to that one I'd love to. You know you're going to do it so stop pretending otherwise! My advice as a lady of leisure is to skip it so you can focus on your own holidays but I get a much more ambitious read from you. I've been out of commission this week with a rather bad injury (much better now) so in my excessive spare time when I wasn't watching OITNB I've been planning thanksgiving :)

  3. How does one look at your Instagram? It doesn't seem to connect for me.

  4. Hi Lorri!
    You can find me @ballyhooandbedbugs on Instagram.

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