Saturday, February 20, 2016

House Hunters ~ Unexpectedly In Love

 y'all see that mountain in the distance? my heart...

I have to be honest. I really thought we were going to move out here and find the quintessential white farmhouse, split rail or white picket fence included. After almost 5 months of house hunting, I haven't fallen for the farmhouse. Maybe because I haven't found one, or maybe because this 1978 "contemporary" has kind of stolen my heart.
The listing went live in early December and since I check every single day for new listings in Franklin, I naturally found it right away. Charlie and I laughed together over the phone that it really wasn't "us" but yet there was something we both liked about it. I work in the retail industry and house hunting in December is laughably impossible. As in, it wasn't happening.
January rolled around and it was still available so we crammed it on the list of a whirlwind Sunday afternoon tour. I liked it, felt good it could go on a possibility list and moved onto the next house. No big deal. But then I couldn't stop thinking about that night.
Or the next day.
Or the next.
So I brought the kids there on Wednesday to see what they thought about it. They liked it and on that 2nd trip I liked it even more. Shall we take a tour?

Situated on almost 2 1/2 acres in our target location of Franklin, TN it sits on a cul de sac with only 3 other homes. Neighbors, but not too many. One of the closest cross streets is the Old Natchez Trace. All I can say is location, location, location. The land is ideal for what we want and I dig the curb appeal.

that river stone foundation has me all starry eyed

The sunken living room with those windows had me at hello. And that fireplace? Perfect.
I imagine I will eventually stain the beams a dark walnut and replace the carpet with wood flooring. The fireplace sits off center so furniture placement has me a smidge perplexed but I think that can be easily overcome. I love the open concept but that it has very designated room space. I couldn't imagine a better layout.

The kitchen has everything on my wishlist.
Commercial gas range? Check.
Slate floor? Check.
White cabinets? Check.
Farmhouse sink? Check.
Granite countertops? Check.

Not too big, not too small, I would be able to add an island which would give the perfect amount of additional counter space. I love that the dining space can be formal when necessary, but open to the kitchen for daily purposes.
The window and door may be my favorite part. Baking in a snow storm? Door open on a beautiful, sunny day? This space is definitely the heart of the home.

The glass door in the dining room opens to this magnificent space. This is would be our family room. I can already see my furniture in here. Built ins were on my dream wish list considering I own hundreds upon hundreds of books and these built ins actually offer more space and storage than the ones I am leaving behind in NJ. Win ~ Win.

Round that corner of the family room and there is a perfect space for our home office. Charlie's job was able to transition him into a work from home position, and I love that I would be able to have that space I so desperately need but not have to be shut off away from the family. It is ideal.
It also opens to this enormous laundry room that, like the built ins, offers more storage than I could dream of. It is literally the perfect place to store all my canning supplies, kitchen appliances that do not need to be out all the time etc. And that checkerboard tile? I love it.

Shop space is critical for me and the current owners finished off one of the garages into this insulated, heated and cooled space that I could store everything for the shop in. Since I have some exciting little announcements regarding the shop coming soon, to have this kind of room is more than I could have hoped for.
Some one pinch me please.

On my husband's wish list aside from acreage, fireplace, garage and basement (check, check, check and check) was screened porch.
Of course this house has one, why wouldn't it?
Important to me, is outdoor entertaining space. And not even to be entertaining all the time. I love sitting outside in the spring, summer and fall and this newly built deck is dreamy.
Once again, the house delivers.
Of course the house has some odd nuances. The master bedroom has that odd rectangular window visible from the front of the house in it and needs more natural light for my taste. I already can see how that can be remedied without breaking the bank. The bathrooms need wallpaper removed but the fixtures are all new and I don't mind them. Bedroom space for the kids is smaller than our current home but guess what? One kid can move out whenever he wants and the other will be off to college in 5 years. (gulp.) We don't need an enormous house because the reality is, Charlie and I will be empty nesters before we know it. And let's face it: the ranch concept is perfect for our later years. This house could grow old with us.
We have had a nice flurry of activity on our house in NJ and as soon as we go into contract I think we might take the plunge on this one. I see our stuff in this house. I can see day to day living here.
Sometimes on the weekends I drive by it and feel my heart longing to make it the "one" as I stare out my driver side window.
Fingers crossed, knocking on wood and all that jazz.
I think this one's the keeper.